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Sponsor AA

Kevin is celebrating his 30 years of sobriety & sponsoring in AA. In spite of many bumps on his road, he has overcome them all by staying sober & strong, because of his faith and the Faithfulness of God. He has been used as a support, a confident, a sponsor, a mentor to many who had struggled in addiction, depression, mental health... Today, he is confident that this program AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) works, as he extends his hand of help to those in need.

Co-founders of Upper Room
Pastor in Christ Global Church

French from origin, Sylvia has worked as a Counselor and Director of a program of integration for people in great difficulty: people in homelessness, addiction, mental health, re-entry... Her more than 30 years of experience gave her a heart of compassion for those who suffer, but also she became a force of empowerment to boost those who have lost their landmarks and motivation in life. As a teacher, counselor and pastor,  she continues to imparts, coach, mentor, so that people who attend her meetings, can experience great change, deliverance, freedom and hope in their future


Raquel Ordonez

Minister for Woman Support Group

Her background has been enriched by many roles she put on and experiences in the mission of outreach for people in great difficulty during the past years of ministry until today. Involved as a CEO & founder of "Exodus to Serenity" as a Safehouse Ministry, and volunteer in many community ministries for Christ, she developed a mother's and servant's heart to advocate to those who have no voice. Endowed with a heart of compassion & love, her goal is to love others and bring them to the Light and the Freedom of Christ.


Wendel Kenoly

for Faith-based Programs

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